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What's New At Our House

Our family is music lovers. My husband is a wonderful drummer and used to play in bar bands all over. There are times I miss getting to go and see him play. *sigh*

Anyways, boy wonder has been wanting Guitar Hero for his play station since way before Christmas. It was number 2 on his list to Santa. Well it did not fit into Santa's plans for Christmas this past year. Our Christmas was very simple and frugal.

I explained to boy that Guitar Hero would not happen unless it was important enough to him, for him to make it happen by saving his allowances, Christmas money, doing extra chores/jobs. He has saved his allowances, done odd jobs for his grandparents, father and I, begged when he had half the money, brought his grades up to all A's and a couple of B's, begged some more, done some more odd jobs.... lol, you get the picture.

Needless to say he was really proud when he walked into the store, (after he hounded out the best price around for 20 miles) and was able to buy his beloved Guitar Hero with his own money, most of which was hard earned.

The three of us have had some great family fun competing against each other.

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