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Paypal is out, RevolutionMoneyExchange is IN

I've been po'd at Paypal for a while now. It just doesnt seem right the amount of money they take as their cut.

The new way to send and receive money and it cost you NOTHING is RevolutionMoneyExchange.

I'm not the type to jump on the band wagon immediately. I wait and see what happens with a new service like this. I've been watching for several weeks now and have heard no ill effects so I signed up tonite.

They are running a special if you sign up before April 15 they give you $25 FREE money.....IMMEDIATELY. Their sign up is painless and takes less than 5 minutes. Their site is https secured.

If you would like $25 for less than 5 minutes of sign up then click on the button and get signed up before April 15th. By the time you are done filling out your information your account will have $25 in it. By clicking the button below I will also receive a $10 referral fee! More FREE MONEY.

Who couldnt use $25 FREE MONEY?

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  1. I signed up for this a while back when someone on the GC posted the link. I got the 25 bucks within a week! It was awesome! I agree about pay pal....we've had many problems with them and we now don't use it for any of our ebay transactions. Its a little harder for us to find those who will take money order or cashier's check, but I refuse to use pay pal. Now I can use rev. money exchange instead and not have to pay a ridiculous fee.

  2. I agree, paypal fees are out of control. I did the Revo Money promo awhile back, it is quick and easy :)

  3. Thanks, Lisa. I signed up. :)

  4. amiyrah I bet we'll see more and more people on ebay that will accept this instead of paypal.

    kim I'm glad to know you took advantage of their offer too.

    annie Hey girl, thanks a bunch.

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