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My Mini Convenience Store

Here's a picture of my stockpile closet or "mini store" on January 1, 2008. Pretty bare hugh?

Here's some pictures of my "mini store" as of April 5, 2008.

That top basket has Venus razors, Soft Soap Spa shower gels, shower scrunchies and Dove skin vitalizers in them waiting for the spa gift baskets I'll be making for Mother's Day and my sisters birthdays. Purchased for FREE using sales, coupons, and ECB's.

I was just stating earlier in the week I needed to figure out how to get free cereal. I now have 5 boxes sittin there, they werent free but .67-.80 a box is better than the $2-$3 a box I was paying before 2008.

Look at all that FREE dishwashing and dishwasher soap. I love FREE.

Love lookin at those boxes of Lipton Tea I got for a buck a box! Now if I can hound out some cheap coffee for the hubby!


  1. OK... do tell... how do you get your cans to stack on their sides without the pile falling apart?'
    Where did you get the free Electasol? I missed that deal!!
    Frugal Carol

  2. Maybe someday I'll get my mini-store as organized (and full) as yours!

  3. frugal finds- Thanks for stopping by! The picture doesnt show it, but the cans on their side stay in place because I placed a small nail in the shelf in front of them! As far as the Electrasol, there were coupons back in December for $2.50 off a box in my metro paper.

    shelly- my mini store is one of the few things in my life that is organized! hehe I find it easy to see at a glance what I need more of and what I dont, although if the product is FREE I dont pass it up. If my extended family cant use it then I donate it.

  4. Great trick with the secret nail Lisa!! i may use this on in the future!! I love the pictures you shared! Keep up the great work on your blog!!
    Frugal Carol

  5. It's so organized! Way to go!

  6. Great job!! You do have a mini store in there! Don't you just love looking at it?

  7. After my daughter's wedding, I plan on dumping everything out of my pantry closet and getting it organized like this too.

    I also plan on having a yard/garage sale and the proceeds will be used to put in those slide-out racks in my kitchen cabinets. I want to do it under the sink especially. It is dark and things get shoved to the back. Maybe slapping up one of those Dollar Tree battery powered lights would help! LOL

    I would much rather shop my own mini-store first for free than spend the time, gas and money on a real shopping trip.