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Canvas Shopping Bags

I like to use the reusable canvas shopping bags.... when I remember to take them. hehe

I was looking for a pattern to make a couple out of old jeans and ran across this one and thought it was fun.

Order yours here: Keetsa


  1. I've noticed that most of the grocery stores, and even W-M and Target, around here are selling reusable bags for $1. They aren't canvas, but that strong fiber mesh fabric (don't know what it's called). They may not last forever, but they should last a long time, depending on use. I picked some up and I love them. They are strong and so much easier to carry than either plastic or paper bags.

    Places like Michael's and Hobby Lobby sell plain canvas shopping bags, sure to last a LONG time, at very inexpensive prices.

    I have patterns for crocheted market bags, too. But I'm afraid they might stretch so much when full that they would be awkward to carry. :(

  2. I like the bag:)
    I think walmart will be giving bags away on the 19th.

  3. candace free canvas bags from wally? I'm all over that!

    annie I bought 2 of the green canvas bags from price chopper. I love how they are made also.

  4. love it! nothing like a little competition to spark interest!

  5. Hi---Thanxs for linking to our green blog, Keetsa. Appreciate it.


    P.S. I found that canvas bag on Amazon.