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Waste Not, Want Not

Boy Wonder had a friend spend the nite last nite. The boys and I were in the living room watching a movie and my son wanted a snack. He went into the kitchen and we were discussing what they could have for a snack at 11pm. They decided on Pop tarts. My son gave the boy a choice of three different kinds. My son stated " Now see, if my mom didnt use her coupons and have a mini store here, we wouldnt have such a big choice of what to have for a snack." My son looked at me and said "his mom and dad dont understand why you have all this stuff stock piled" The boy started to stammer as I threw him a look and he stopped. Apparently the boy and his parents talk about me and my "couponing and stock piling" behind my back. This is the boy that comes over that is very picky about what he eats, will fill his plate to the hilt at dinner and only take a couple of bites, and will sneak junk food after I go to bed.

Don't get me wrong, guests at my house are welcome to anything I have. I do buy junk food, but my family eats it in moderation. None of us sit down with a brand new bag of cookies or chips and eats THE WHOLE THING. The boy will do this at my house after my hubby and I go to bed. He wont eat a full healthy meal. He wants to eat junk non-stop.

So to get a handle on the situation I started putting everything up, out of sight, and will tell my son, "I put such and such on the counter for you and him if you want a snack after I go to bed, but that's all you are getting.

This morning when I got up this is what I found on my counter by the sink. For those of you who arent familiar with these green tupperware bowls, they are a big bowl!

It pissed me off to no end. I bet there is at least two cups of milk wasted, not to mention the cereal. Errrrrrrrrrr


  1. I'd be mad as a hornet, too. Not just because of the waste, but because of the disrespect. :(

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  3. Wow! That is ridiculous! I can see now that i'm going to be one of those mom's that calls up the other moms after sleep overs like this. "Billy doesn't eat much at dinner when he stays here but he tends to love the treats I leave out for the boys and eats those up while hubby and I are sleeping. Is there anything special you make him for dinner that I can start preparing on sleep-over night?" The mom will stammer and fumble words, give a lame excuse, and talk to the boy as soon as he gets home. Sometimes you gotta push other parents to do their job. My mom used to do this to a few friends of mine. Straightened them (and their parents) right out :P

    And yes, she was a "coupon mom" too

  4. I'm with Amiyrah! My nieces not only waste milk like this, they also use 4 feet (literally!) of toilet paper at a time!

  5. I've talked with his mother about this last year. I asked her what she usually fed him for dinner because I cant get him to eat anything but junk food. (frozen pizzas, hot dogs, potatoe chips, cookies) He was staying at our home nearly every weekend back then.

    She told me not to worry about him, fix whatever I would normally fix, he would either eat it or go hungry. I was thinking "Yeah until I go to bed and then he raids the cupboards and refrigerator!"

    So now I limit the time he comes to my house.

  6. Can you explain to him that your son has to ask for food or a snack and that you expect him to also? That he is not allowed to help himself!

  7. I would have been so incredibly ticked off.

    It's easy to tell someone what to do in this case (call the kids mom) but to actually DO it is so hard...you don't want to be rude or offend the other parent but at the same time, this cannot continue!!

    If you have a pantry, with a door, perhaps lock it? Get a doorknob with a lock, I mean.

  8. Haha This post cracks me up! Grrrr I would be so angry too! Its actually kinda of sad that some parents today can't teach their children the basics in life, such as respect. I would spank my kids butt if he did that at someone else's house! haha

    Tasha @ Comical Coupon Cents

  9. precious I've done that the last two times he's been here. I've told both boys "Kitchen is now closed! Don't let me find out you've been in here while I'm asleep" Son did ask if they could have their cereal the next morning. Without even thinking I said sure and let them fix it their self. THAT"S where I screwed up. Next time I will fix both bowls myself for them. My son has learned real quick here in the last 4 months (because he can be a BIG waster himself) that he only fixes a reasonable amount. after eating that if he wants more he can have a little more, BUT HE HAS TO EAT IT!

  10. mama bear These boys are 11 yrs old. They are old enough to know that when they are at someone elses home, they better respect their rules and wishes. The next time he is here I will just tell him I will fix his cereal because he always waste too much. He can then tell his parents what I've said or if the time is right I will bring it up with his dad. I know his dad well enough to know he wont be happy about this, but I do want to still present it with a little tact. My husband and I are good friends with the boys parents. And I trust them with my son, which I cannot say about the other boy who comes more often, and doesnt waaste food or eat me out of house and home. BUT this boy lacks manners in EVERY other aspect.

  11. tasha yep I agree. I've spanked mine for less before when he was rude or disrespectful.

    To whoever deleted their comment, I HATE THAT! Now I cant remember who said what. :(