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Vyrl Facebook Fraudulent Coupons and Couponers

I'm so po'd about this whole thing! On both sides of the coin.

I'm po'd at vyrl for being so dumb. And I believe they should pay retailers for all that needs to be reimbursed. I feel they will be called into court over this and will have to pay!

I'm also po'd at every one of the people who actually used these coupons. There will be repercussions for those honest couponers who didnt use them, in the future when it comes to the world of coupons. We will be scrutinized even more now.

My first clue something wasnt right about the coupons was, $6 off Pantene! Give me a break, a $6 coupon? And now there are so many people claiming to be honest couponers (after they used those coupons and have merchandise in their homes from them) and po'd because they trusted Vyrl only to find out that some of them were fraudulent.

Like my mother always said, if something seems too good to be true, it is.

Has anyone found any articles about any of the honest couponers taking the stuff they got for free back to the retailers? Hell no!!

For all these people who claim to be so honest I have a question. If you were given back $10 too much change you would go back to the store and return it, correct? This is no different. There was a mistake made, return the merchandise!! If you had ANY out of pocket, take your receipt and I'm sure they will give you back what little you paid out. Keeping the merchandise, knowing it was received with a fraudulent coupon, even though you thought it was legit in the begining, is still being dishonest.

Do the right thing and return the merchandise to your retailer. They will respect you for your decision and will probably be more apt to give you less hassles over legit coupons in the future, knowing you are one of their honest customers.


  1. Wow! I had no idea these coupons weren't legal. Of course by the time that I saw them, they were $1. and $.50 ones so didn't think a thing about them! But thanks for letting us know.

  2. Precious it's even been on our news and in some of the bigger newspapers. I guess there is going to be a class action suit brought against Vyrl for all this. It's going to be an interesting outcome.

  3. Well, I appreciate you alerting me to this. I did a post on my blog to hopefully get the word out.

    BTW, I did Part 5 of the Early Retirement series today and will probably do part 6 later.

  4. precious I hope my response to you wasnt taken as a chastise. What I was trying to tell you was that that is the only reason why I knew about it and if your local news or papers hadnt covered it then I could understand why you would know about it. For some reason after I came back and reread what I wrote to you, it didnt sound very nice.

    A lot of the big forums such as HCW, A Full Cup, Slickdeals, etc. I do have been spreading the word also. I think someone posted it on the grocery forum too.

    I'm just afraid there has already been considerable damage done. Time will tell.

  5. Lisa,

    Believe me I didn't take your comment as a chastise! I have done nothing wrong to be chastised for.
    With being ill, I have not been reading papers, boards or blogs till today. Nor have I seen anything on our TV news here on this. I am glad that I learned about it from you though so that I could make my readers of my blog aware of these fraudulent coupons.

  6. Everyone said they were legit coupons, but i couldn't bring myself to actually try and use them. I could only imagine the response I would have received in the stores trying to actually redeem them. I wasn't going to put myself through that, and now im glad after all this that I didn't use them. The whole situation was just a bit too fishy for my comfort. But i agree this will most likely come back to haunt us as couponers, unfortunatly.