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Tuesday Trips- CVS

I knew better than to go to CVS on a Sunday. I wanted to work the Dove candy deal since I had two ip coupons for B1G1 FREE and the coffee. The coffee rang up the sale price but printed no ECB's and the cashier would not let me use both ip coupons on one order. So they refunded me the money on the coffee and I still took the four bags of Doves.

I went home and started doing some figuring to see how I could better my deal on the candy because at this point the four bags on sale for $4.29 each had cost me $12.87 minus the $5 ECB I recvd back.

I went back today and here's how I worked it to get my out of pocket back down. I also repurchased the coffee and it printed the ECB for it.

Order #1
2 Twin Packs of Folgers 6.99 each
1 Dove Dark Chocolate $4.29
minus 1 Dove $1.50 off manuf coupon
minus 2 $5 ECB's
Total OOP $7.10
I recvd another $5 ECB for the candy bringing my total OOP for the 5 bags so far down to $5.66.
I also recvd the $6 ECB for the coffee.

Order #2
2 Pert Plus B1G1 FREE $3.69 minus 2 $2.00 manuf coupon
2 Schick Intuition Razors 9.99, used $3.99 rain check for 2 and 2 manuf coupons $4 each
1 CVS ibprfn $2.99 minus FREE CVS coupon
2 Dove Dark Chocolate $4.29 each minus ip coupon B1G1 FREE
1 CVS twin pack beauty soap $2.49 minus cvs $2 skin care coupon

Total OOP $5.66
Recvd another $5 ECB for candy

So to recap my candy deal:
Sunday: 4 bags @ $4.29 each
Sub total $17.16 (this total is what counts towards ECB's)
minus 1 ip B1G1 FREE -$4.29
OOP was $12.87
Revd $5 ECB

Tuesday #1: 1 bag @ $4.29
Subtotal $21.45
minus 1 manuf coupon $1.50
OOP $5.66 so far
Recvd $5 ECB
Tuesday #2: 2 bags @ 4.29 ea
Subtotal $30.03
minus ip B1G1 Free -$4.29
Recvd $5 ECB

Final out of pocket on 7 bags: $30.03 minus 2 ip B1G1F coupons and 1 $1.50 off coupon was $19.95 minus the 3 $5 ECB's = $4.95 for 7 bags!!


  1. the dove chocolate is going to be a money maker next week....were your coupons going to expire before then?

  2. Great job on the candy! I sent those coupons you wanted this morning! :-)

  3. amiyrah no they werent going to expire. I still have some for next week also. :)

    Precious thank you so much!!

  4. oh ok. someone loves dove chocolate :oP

  5. Hi Lisa! Great to be back, it was definitely fun. I missed DF though(he had work business trip and conference he had to be at so it was just my family). Great job on your CVS deals. I am still waiting for mine to restock the Schick razors-I have a raincheck for 2 to cover the last of the coupons I had. (I got some while on vacation in FL). :)

    Also not sure if you tried it or not but Hershey's Bliss chocolate will be super cheap next week at Walgreens 2/$4 after walgreens easy saver coupon- and there are bogo free coupons and $1 off 2 Qs out there. Basically you can get a bag that is normally $4.99 for $0.50 each. I'm planning to buy 8 or 9. The girls at work eat the stuff and they are so sweet I like to share with them especially at that price. I just realized from reading Precious' blog that I should start stocking up on candy for Halloween in the near future----if I can keep DF from eating it.....I swear he'll eat candy til he's sick. He's worse than a small kid. Gotta love it. :)

  6. aj ANY dark chocolate is a weekness of mine, but I can ration myself... now my hubby and wonder boy is a different story! I have to hide all chocolate from them and get out just a little bit every once in a while because they are like your DF, they will eat ANY candy until they are sick.

  7. Mmmmm... Chocolate. Good deals! I think it's probably good we don't have a CVS here because I'd get so swept up in the deals, LoL.