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How to get your stores to accept internet printed coupons

There are some of you who have trouble getting your stores to accept IP coupons, even though they are supposed to. Here's a tip from Xanman off of SlickDeals. It's a genius idea I tell ya and I'm left feeling really stupid and asking myself "Why didn't I think of that?" Here's what Xanman has to say...

Save your cereal boxes, cut them apart, you can get 2 sheets of cardstock from them. Use the inside that is blank and print the coupons on those. Make sure that you set your printer for cardstock, not paper so that it won't get stuck.

Most cashiers are used to coupons being printed on the inside of these boxes and won't even think twice about accepting them. They also expect them to be in black ink only so you save there too.

Even if you don't have problems, it is a great way to recycle! You could probably use the cardboard from your soda packs too, just cut to size.


This sheet of coupons was printed on the back of a Honey Bunches Of Oats box. My printer settings does not list cardstock but has a greeting card option that I chose. I also changed the paper size to A4. Worked like a charm!


  1. Great tip!!!

    Thanks for letting me know about that, because I would have never thought about that!!!


  2. Lisa,

    This a Terrific idea! Thanks for the tip!