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ALL YOU Magazine- November Coupons

The November issue of ALL YOU magazine is on sale at Wal-Mart. Some people are reporting that Wal-Mart has raised the price of the magazine. Doesn't that figure! This month is not a real good month for the mag's coupons either. To be able to read the pic, click on it!


  1. I signed up for a subscription but haven't paid for it yet (on trial issues). I've gotten one magazine and it took forever to get here...
    Do you subscribe or buy at Walmart?

  2. I have been buying mine at Walmart for $1.77. I heard there were some specials on the subsriptions out there making them .83 a piece. I'm trying to find a link to that now. Everyone I've read about having a subsription says the first one takes a while, but then they get theirs in the mail before wally has it on the shelf. I hope that hasnt changed too. :(

  3. Lisa B. Thanks for posting the list. Not worth buying this month!

  4. Precious I agree, the coupons are not worth it.