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More Changes to Come

I thought this layout was so fun and cute. I needed a change to lift my spirits going into fall.

There will still be more changes to come in the next couple days.

What do you think so far? Is it easy on the eyes? Does it load properly and at a good rate of time?

Leave me your opinions.


  1. I like this layout much better! It looks great, and it loaded up just fine for me. :)

  2. loaded quickly (faster than the other layout)

    the date in peach is hard to see against the orangish background, but that's not really important :)

    are you all better now?

  3. Lisa,

    I LOVE the new format. I loads very quickly for me and love the colors and layout. Great job!

  4. I love the apple in the corner - so cute!

  5. annie I'm glad to hear it loaded fine for you.

    queen of the urband jungle that's great to hear, thank you for letting me know! I hate how big the date is so I was trying to make it less noticable. I still feel icky, no energy, but am better. Thank you for asking.

    precious I am glad you like the format. It sounds like it's going to load quickly enough for everyone.

    frugalsuz I'm hoping to get a header to match, I thought the apple was cute also.

    amiyrah thanks!

  6. I'm glad you posted the link to One Cute Blog in your sidebar. I changed mine, too!

  7. annie it's a requirement of hers that you either put her button in your sidebar or a link. I'm on my way over to check your out! ;)

  8. Thanks! I am so glad to be back on your new blog! :-)

  9. I like the new background color - much easier on the eyes; and the apple is very cute.