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Monday I had the day off. The reason I had a day off is a whole subject in its self. So I decided to take advantage of time alone and went shopping.

I first hit my CVS, I wanted the juice, pumpkins, light sticks, and candy corn. I was flying through that store so happy to find them all! I screwed up on the Reeses. My coupon was for $1 off 3, so why did I buy 4? I didnt need 4 to get any ECB's. I'm still trying to figure out what I was thinking there. After $11 worth of coupons, and $19 in ECB's my OOP was $1.77 and I earned back $15.54 in ECB's. Not bad, and look at all the CHOCO-LATTE!

I then took a short drive to WAG's, I transferred my son's prescription and received a $25 gift card to get me started playing the WAG's game.

The toilet paper was on sale $4, they scanned my little coupon book and it took it down to $3, then I had manufacturer coupons for another $1 off, I was so excited to get my favorite tp for $2 a pack! lol

Those glade plug ins were for hubby. He loves them and wanted more. There's been no place in our hometown running a deal on them like everyone else seems to have gotten, so I picked them up there, using my IP buy one get one coupons. I applied for the rebate from Wag's on them. I hope I did all that right! I will also apply for the chapstick rebate. I had also bought a bday card that's not pictured for $3.59.

So my OOP on this was ZERO! I used the $25 gift card to pay the $16.72 total. I should receive $4.40 back from wags and $2.99 from chapstick. So that's a total of $7.39 I'm still going to get back off of the $16.72. I left happy.


  1. Lisa,
    Wasn't the Chapstick rebate for the True Shimmer variety of Chapstick? Might wanna check your form before you send your stuff in. What a great haul!

  2. I was thinking it was for any of the "naturals". I'll have to check.

  3. frugalsuz my rebate form is for the true shimmers or 100% naturals.

  4. Great Job on your Walgreens beginning shops. I bet you are so happy to have this store now.

    I know what you were thinking on the chocolate: "This bag is for me!" :-)

  5. Precious you are so correct on the chocolate. I had to run into the city last monday (and today) so I stopped at their wags. Mine isnt done yet. :( They are just now starting to pour foundation. I was so hoping it would be done and open before Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if it's going to happen now though.

  6. Lisa,
    Oh good, maybe I'll pick up some more chapstick myself! :)