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Friday Freebies

With Christmas just around the corner, fragrance companies will be competing for your purchases. One way that they do that is by sending out samples.

Calvin Klein is offering a free sample of their Secret Obsession colgne. Click Here

Jennifer Lopez is offering a free sample of her mens cologne, Deseo.

If you missed the first time around on the Juicy Juice sippy cup, dont miss out this time! Hurry, they go fast.


  1. Thanks Lisa! If you ever need help with Wags- just ask! I was very hesitant to start with them too but lately their sales are better than CVS's! :) And I'm also no stranger to demonic store managers!!!!

  2. Totally off subject:

    Me not on your bloggy list no more? Oh, now i'm sad....first AJ and now you? This hound is so low...:oP