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I've received another award!

Thanks to Ginger over at Attention Target Shoppers for bestowing me the Kreativ Blogger Award! How cool is this? With this award, I have to share 6 things that makes me happy, and then pass it on to 6 other people to make them happy!

The 6 things that make me happy are:

Applebee's Perfect Margaritas ... I mean, these make me VERY happy! ;)

Coupons! I still get so excited to find great coupon deals!

The Internet. Reading my friends' blogs, forming new friendships, learning anything new in the world of being frugal, cherry picking, scrapbooking, I could do this all day. I just love learning new things on the internet.

Freebies! I love getting great freebies in my mailbox! Just this week I received a Venus Embrace Smooth5 razor and a Betty Crocker Pouch Potato in my mailbox.

Rebates! FREE money, who doesnt love free money? This week my rebates have started rolling in. I have received a $10 Coors Lite, $10 Kelloggs, and a $3.49 Listerine Smart rinse rebate checks. I still have more to roll in and have a few more to fill out and get in the mail. If you run across a rebate, please drop me a note and let me know so I dont miss out!

Scrapbooking! One of these days I will have more time to do more scrapbooking, but it makes me happy doing what little I do now.

I would like to pass on the award to these six bloggers:
Raspberry Road Designs A great digital scrapbooker that offers lots of freebies!
GingerScraps has all kinds of scrapbooking freebies.
Bits O' Scrap Tons of fun freebies!
Happy Scrap Girl Designs I can always find something to make me happy here!
Fishin Mom Designs Tons and tons of scrapbooking stuff can be found here.
Fresh Brewed Top Notch scrapbooking stuff can be found here.

What is making you happy? Leave your top 6 and share with the others.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I love the internet also. But if I did it all day, I would not get anything done around here! :-)

    I also love the rebates- especially the $10. ones. I got my $10.00 Kelloggs a couple of days ago also! Yeah!

  2. thanks for the award :) I am terrible about passing them on but still wanted to thank you :) Ginger

  3. Hello......congrats you deserve it, you are one of the reasons I decided to start my own blog....love love love your freebies!!!!

  4. precious I hear you, there are times I have to make myself get up!

    ginger No worries! I just thought you deserved some recognition for your work.

    huntfish you have a blog? Now why did I not know this? hehe