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Does this ever happen to you?

This past week was the end of the month and I havnt felt well. I was scrambling trying to find products to use my coupons on before they expired. It seems there are more and more people using coupons and cherry picking in my part of the world, leaving shelves short on products, or totally bare.

I had the opportunity to ride with my husband into the Kansas City Metro area last weekend and today, to widen my choice of stores. I went to Kmart to take advantage of the double coupons and wound up letting them take advantage of me. lol My head was stuffy, I took some cold medicine, and wasnt able to think clearly.

All in all though I was able to get most of everything I was wanting to use coupons on, but have had no energy to update my pantry inventory list and then put it away. By the time I went to work everyday, ran my hounding errands every day after work, came home and cooked supper, helped boy wonder with most of his homework, cleaned up kitchen and did laundry, I was done.

I've gotten behind on clipping, sorting and filing my coupons; updating my inventory list, and putting it all away. Take a look at what I will be doing tomorow!

Have you ever been too tired to put it all away once you got it home?


  1. now you know how I felt with my inventory situation last week! So, yes, this has happened to me :o)

  2. i think you add more info about it.

  3. often! i tuck it behind the table in the kitchen.


  4. Okay I admite I didn't read your whole post, but I did read the last question. I just changed my system so I'm taking stuff out of the car, taking pics of it on a little card table in my garage and then putting it away. Most of the stuff stays in the garage on shelves so instead of bringing it the house then back out again it's one less crazy step for me.

    Ok, about the kmart doubling.. ok that was my problem then because I had $1.50 off 2 Purina cat treats I did 3 sets of those.. so that means I paid for 3 of them outright.. also I had a B2G1 so that only scanned in once.

  5. definitely have these moments but can't leave stuff on the floor or my cats will have field day with thigns and will end up with everything trown all over the place. I either keep it in the car if i'm too tired to take care of it right away (not fresh produce of course) or pile in the closet. Hope you're feeling better now.

  6. amiyrah now? I never said this was the first time this has happened! lol

    top stock picks wtf???

    queen often for me too. Especially when it's a week when it's everyday that I have to chase down the deals.

    melissa the card table sounds like a good solution! As far as the xxx off more than one item coupons at Kmart, I dont understand their reasoning at all.

    jenny putting my perishables away was all I did get put away this week. I'm sure my cats sniffed everything out, but for the most part, they have left everything alone. knock on wood! lol

  7. feel bad?? you have about a milion freebies on your site!!

  8. Lisa,

    I sure hope you feel better soon! We all seem to have had to fight colds the past couple of weeks. UGH!

    I hate the bare shelves thing too but usually can get rainchecks.

    I don't do Kmart because they never have stock in my store and so it isn't worth driving there and wasting my gas!

    We have all been behind at one time or another. Take a break and get some rest. Put the stuff away when you feel better! Non- perishables can wait. Also file the coupons when you feel better. If you miss using a few, so what. There will always be another sale and more coupons. Your health is much more important than any of those things!

  9. I didn't put the 2 liters of Diet Coke away Friday night and just found the butter in the bag today..... :(

  10. I have.. and that's what my children are for!! LOL LOL.. they actually do a pretty good job!!

  11. I still have items in bags from 2 weeks ago! I am in a slump too, finally got around to cutting and sorting 5 weeks of inserts. I know how you feel!

    BTW: i tagged you, see my blog ;)

  12. It happens to me every once in a while. I have a big pile of HBA stuff that needs to be put away...
    and a very tall stack of inserts that need to be clipped, sorted and filed away.

    Hope you feel better!

  13. Hah, right now as a matter of fact! I have a lovely pic of my haul set out on the kitchen table... the only problem is it's STILL on my kitchen table! I'm waiting for DH to finish my hall closet so I can get everything (neatly) put away!