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Banana Bread Like Grandma Used to Bake

My grandmother was a wonderful and creative cook. She loved baking and was well known for her dinner rolls. I remember as a small child around the holidays she would bake banana and pumpkin bread in cans. Back then all coffee came in tin cans. She would make 1lb loafs in coffee cans and then for us kids smaller loafs in vegetable cans.

I saved a tin coffee can and a couple tin vegetable cans and made some banana bread today. I also baked a loaf in my fancy silicone bread pan I found brand new at a thrift store for .25 each. (I picked up two at that price!)

Before using the can you will need to take a can opener and remove the ring/ridge that is right inside the top edge of the can.
Be sure to grease your cans well and Only fill your cans HALF full! After letting the bread sit and cool for 10 minutes be sure to run a knife around the edge and loosen the bread if it has bubbled up over.

I also made one small vegetable can loaf for my son. I didnt run a knife around the edge of his little loaf and ended up pulling the top off! lol

NOTE: not all cans are made the same! Do not use any can that has a green or gold tint on the inside! Only use a can that is shiny silver on the outside AND inside!


  1. Yum! I have done them in coffee cans too!

  2. Neat idea! I've never heard of using cans@!