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After Christmas Sales

I went out today to get my Kansas City Star newspapers and to see what CVS & Walgreens had on sale.

I got my FREE newspapers! I picked up 10 papers at $1.50 each from 2 different Walgreen stores and used my Walgreen rebate gift cards to pay for them. Although I only took 5 from each store, both had TONS of papers! The rack was full and they had stacked about 20 papers in two separate stacks on the floor in front of the racks.

At CVS I picked up the 24 roll Cottonelle deal and used a $4 expiring ECB. $12.97 minus the $4 ecb, my OOP (before tax) was $8.97 and then I received another $4 ecb back. I think I may have had a coupon I could use but was in a hurry.

At Walgreens I picked up several things discounted. Oven mitts and cookie cutters will make up the "cookie mix in a mitt" gifts for next year. I bought one more box of Christmas cards, a bag of 50 bows for .83, a couple candles for .75 each, and several small tin candles for .25 each along with some other items. My actual out of pocket for all items excluding the Cottenelle toilet paper was less than $10.

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