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My kid is eating me out of house and home!

Do any of you guys' kids start eating more come winter time?

My son does this every winter. I use to worry when he was little cause he wouldnt eat much for several days then he would eat well for the next few days. The doctor told me not worry about it, he would eat when he was hungry and let him eat. He was growing properly and was healthy.

GOOD GRIEF! Every winter here comes the major growth spurt along with a huge appetite! For the most part he eats on an even kiel every day now until winter time and then OMG! It's like he can't get enough. And I'm not talking about junk food or sweets. Pasta, potatoes, veggies, and meat... he can put away the meat!

He wants to eat a full meal as soon as he gets home from school. Then a full dinner with his father and I and then 8:30-9:00 he wants a snack before bed. I feel mean when I tell him he has had enough.

For the last four winters from December to March he grew 2-3" (each year) in heighth also.

Will his growth spurts during the winter only get worse with his teen years coming up, or will they slow down?


  1. My son is 5 and he does the same thing!!! Every winter he seems to have his biggest growth spurt and eats like a piggie!! All my friends say it will only get worse and once he hits the teens it will be out of control!

  2. Amy thanks for the warning! lol My son just turned 11 in September. I've got a lot of coupon clipping and stockpiling to do.

  3. Maybe it's the cold weather- supposedly your body craves carbohydrates to help create warmth- or so somebody said....but this is probably just the beginning. My son will be 2 in about a week- I'm already fearing what dinner will be like when he gets to be about 10 because both his older sisters have good appetites most of the time, too. My dad says that when he was about 17 he could eat 4 pork chops with veggies and sides at one sitting for dinner....ACK! They better start putting out more meat coupons on wine tags in the next few years!

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  5. Kat goes in cycles with her eating. She eats very little for a couple of weeks, then eats everything in sight...and often...for a while. She'll noticeably gain a couple of pounds, then before you know it, she's grown a little taller and looks thinner again.

    Now Shane is the one who eats more in the winter. Working outside as he does, it takes a lot more calories to keep him going...and keep him warm...in cold weather than it does in warm weather.

  6. virginia mom That's what I was wondering, if he was craving more carbs due to the temp. I'm always on the look out for more meat coupons and have NEVER found a wine tag in any of my stores....yet! I'm still looking though. :)

    annie boy wonder ate more in the on and off cycle when he was little. Now it's he eats pretty routine but with a big increase in the winter!

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