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19 Affordable Date Night Ideas

Here's a great list of date night ideas.
19 Affordable Date Night Ideas

What is your favorite frugal "date" night? How often do you and your spouse have a "date" night? Do you try to find coupons if you are going to a restaurant, movie, etc?

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  1. Shane and I used to go out at night when we first met. Now we're almost never out after dark...LOL!

    We like to have daytime. This usually involves going to garage sales, flea markets, or thrift stores; going shopping for things we need whether it's at the grocery store or someplace like Home Depot. We sometimes go out for a meal and yes, if we can find a coupon we'll use it, but if not, that's ok, too.

    Sometimes we even go to a bar, but instead of boot-scooting late at night, we'll go to one of the nicer non-smoking billiards places in the afternoon where we can eat, have a cocktail or coffee, and play pool or darts. The place I'm thinking of is quiet on Saturday afternoons and is also family-friendly.

    Finally, we sometimes have a Netflix movie waiting or get a movie from Redbox and watch it at home in comfort. Last time Shane and I actually went to a movie theater was in 2004!

    I guess we don't do anything on date night that we couldn't/wouldn't do with Kat along...but sometimes it's nice to do these things when she isn't...LOL!

    BTW, I love the last tip on your list, the one about driving and making only left turns. I think we'll have to try something like that!

  2. Hey Lisa,

    I have a post going up tomrorow that links to your CSN giveaway. Since we are both doing one at the same time, I figured I'd send those that are entering into mine over to yours too. 2 chances to win lol. I hope that's OK. If not, shoot me a comment on the blog or an e-mail and I'll change it.