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Keeping my budget in line...

Today was a big spending day. One of those weeks where you have to BUY (pay hard cash out of pocket) several things.

Dollar General $17.61 (hangers, charcoal, foam plates and various otc meds)
Sutherlands $17.99 minus 20% FOF discount= $15.60 (50lb dry dog food for two outside dogs)
Price Chopper $45.08 minus $6 in coupons=$39.08 (3 hot dog buns, 1 hamburger bun, Hershy Milk Choc Bars, Marshmllws, loaf bread, 3 Kraft salad dressings, cool whip, 6 Oscar Meyer Hotdogs, 4lbs hamburger, 8 chicken breasts, head of lettuce & 5# potatoes)

So even though I spent $72, I added to my stockpile, and most of the dollar general store items were not things I have to purchase weekly. Same on the dog food.

Monthly totals:
OOP: $83.99
Coupons: $30

Things I did to save money today:

Hubby and I grilled chicken breasts, polish sausage, hotdogs, baked beans, cabbage. Enough food to last the weekend so we wouldnt have to cook again.
Hubby went and brought home a truckload of FREE apple tree wood for smoking.
We ate on foam plates so the dishwasher wouldn't have to be ran.

Search & Win

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