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I Need Some Input on Dishwashers

It seems I can't keep up with the dishes for the last two weeks. I'm not sure if it's because kiddo is home from school, I've been cooking even more or what.

Wait, it just dawned on me.... it's because the dishwasher isn't cleaning all the dishes and some are having to stay to go through another cycle. Yeah, that's it, duh.

Well tonight I went to reload the massive mound and when I opened the dishwasher to unload the clean first, the whole spray arm mechanism is laying in the bottom of the dishwasher.

After cursing, I unloaded, reloaded it and closed the door. I'm hoping hubby can patch it up until I can afford a new one. I sooooo hate to hand wash dishes, and I do end up washing things that don't go into the dishwasher as it is.

I've been doing some research and my mind is overloaded with all the choices, features, sizes, etc.

I'm wanting something mid-line price range, quiet and cleans. I don't need a bunch of bells and whistles.

So those of you who LOVE LOVE your dishwasher, tell me about it! Do any of you own a drawer style?

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  1. THIS is the one we just bought back in the spring. I have no complaints. It's quiet, it cleans well, it has nylon coated racks that won't rust through and it's at a mid-range price, although the sale apparently ends today. It was on sale when I bought it and I bet it will go back on sale soon. The picture isn't great because it's white on a white background, but maybe you can look at pics of the black or stainless models to see it better.

  2. I don't know if you have already bought the one but from the research we did before buying appliances earlier this year, we discovered that the Whirlpool brand is one of the higher rated in kitchen appliances right now. Interestingly enough, their rating in washer and dryers and a few other appliances is on the lower side. The informed salesmen at the store told us that the appliance companies tend to excel for a certain amount of years in one area and then it switches. Anyway we ended up getting the Whirlpool Gold "Quiet Edition" for a good price, plus, it even has a garbage disposal in the bottom of the unit.