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A Big Harvest Day

My garden has all of a sudden decided to give a big burst of veggies! Here's what was picked yesterday.

A few okra, which was enough for me and hubby for dinner. My kiddos will not eat okra. Some tomatoes and TONS of gypsy peppers! I have one lone gypsy plant and have already harvested over 30 peppers off of it. I wanted to wait until they turned orange-red, but there are so many on the plant, the weight was making the plant lay over. So I had to pick again to give the plant some relief.

Green beans! Finally! Once we picked enough beans for the three of us I just had to see how the Yukon Gold potatoes were doing. These were found right at the top of the bed, barely covered with soil. I hope there are lots more down further! I also cooked the beans and potatoes for dinner and all I can say about these Yukon Gold potatoes is.... OMG! they are so creamy, buttery, rich. I added no seasoning to them other than a little S&P. We will definitely being planting more than 5 plants next year.

Cucumbers. Can anyone tell me why our cucumbers are turning yellow to almost white before getting very big at all? Then once picked they dont stay firm very long at all.

Jalapenos and MORE jalapenos. I've never been able to grow them well until this year. Last year was a pretty good year, but this year they are going nuts! They are so easy to freeze, so we will have them all through the winter and spring. I've been giving some of them away too.

With all those fresh tomatoes and jalapenos, I made hubby and I some Pico de Gallo. It's so quick and easy to make, I prefer making it to salsa.

Life is Good!

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  1. Can I come and shop for veggies at your house? Your veggies look so beautiful!

  2. Beautiful harvest! Maybe you are over watering the cucumbers. The will turn yellow if you over water them. Try less water for a bit and see. Thanks for the awesome pics.


  3. What a wonderful harvest!!!! And you are making me hungry for some super fresh veggies.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Everything looks great!

    Some of our cukes are light in color like that, but they stay firm, so I don't know what's going on with yours. If it's overwatering, like Melissa says, there's not much we can do with the all the rain we've had this year. :(

    Glad you're getting taters. Ours did next to nothing in those round bins/towers that were supposed to be so great. If we plant any next year, they're going straight into the ground. We're still not having any luck with peppers, either.

  5. Love your pictures! as for cucumbers my guess will be too hot (yellow) and too much water - going soft fast. Just keep an eye on the "burpies" on the skin and if you see that it's getting smooth then pick it up. love your peppers! I will definitely plant some more varieties as well next year and will add several more rows of potatoes. New potatoes are wonderful! Can't get enough of them.

  6. Precious if you were closer I bet we could work out a trade of some sort! :)

    K&CJ You are probably right, this year we get lots of rain, then very hot long dry spell, then lots more rain. Thanks for stopping by!

    Sonya Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

    Annie I was wondering how those worked out. I'm going to try to grow them again next year. I'm planting more of the Yukon Gold and will plant some red potatoes also.

    Jenny Thanks for the cuke tips. We love new potatoes as well. I'm so glad your experiment was successful. I've heard sometimes it will work, sometimes it wont depending upon the potatoe company and what they have sprayed on their produce. I'm going to try buying some bulk organics to prepare for next year instead of seedlings. Organics shouldnt be sprayed with anything.