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Cashing in Walgreens Register Rewards

It doesn't look like there will be much going on at Walgreens next week so I decided to snag a few things today to use up my register rewards before they expire.

Today's spending:
$5.26-Walgreens: 2 Blistops, 3 Mt Dew 12pks, 1 Pepsi 12pk, 3 Lays Chips,
$6.44-Dollar Tree: 2 dog collars, 1 Plastic Cups, 1 Balloon weight, 1 4pk AA batteries & 1 2pk 9 volt battery for smoke alarms
Coupons: $24.00 (all were Walgreen register rewards)

Monthly totals:
OOP: $11.70
Coupons: $24

Things I did to save money:

Ran the dishwasher today, didn't use the dry cycle.

I washed 4 loads of laundry using cold water. The loads were dried for a short period and then hung up to finish drying.

Lights were kept off as well as the tv.

Supper was one skillet-hamburger steaks with sauted Gypsy peppers. Cloth kitchen towels and napkins were used.

Turned the a/c up to 76. The weather was still pretty nice today. Read an article on entering a giveaway for FREE electricity in my coop newsletter. Hope I win!

Clipped several coupons for upcoming shopping.

Emptied all trash cans and relined them with plastic shopping bags.

Entertainment for the evening was a short country nature spotting drive. Watched a couple deer watching me! lol and seen a couple bunny rabbits.

Watered my flower pots on front porch using water from koi pond.

Checked on vegetable garden. Tomorrow will be a small harvest.

There's still time to sign up for my giveaway of "Be Thrifty-Not Cheap". There will be two winners. Deadline is 7/5.

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