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Reaping what you sow

So far it's been slow but wonderful.

We have lots and lots of green tomatoes!

And about every other day there is one or two ready to be picked.

Ahhhh, this one is ready!

These zucchini will be ready in a day or two. We don't let them get too big.

Baby jalapeno peppers keep popping up.

Here are some almost ready.

We love hot peppers!

We also have picked cucumbers, and the green beans and cantaloupe are coming along.

Every year I try growing at least one new vegetable. This year we are growing gypsy peppers for the first time. They are doing really well and we have been able to pick several already.

They are a great pepper to just slice into a salad or saute with olive oil. We've grilled them and I might even stuff some. When picked at the yellow stage they taste like a mild sweet bell pepper. When left to ripen until they are red, they are soooooo sweet. My husband does not like bell green peppers or bell yellow, orange, or red for that matter. BUT he LOVES these!

Right now the garden is fairly easy to maintain. The weeds have been controlled by mulching with a layer of newspaper then straw. This also helps retain moisture which saves money on watering, and more importantly it provides constant even moisture. There is less drying out, getting wet, drying out, etc. which helps vegetables to set their fruit and lessens blossom drop and blossom end rot.

So what are you all growing? What have you picked? Anything new growing in your gardens this year?

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  1. I'll have to write a post about my vege garden. I love gardening too, it's so soothing (except when bugs get to it when you do!) Love your veges, they look so good.

  2. I envy your peppers. We try every year to grow at least a couple different kinds and they never do well. I have no idea what the problem is.

  3. Maria I look forward to reading a post about your garden!

    Annie The first three years we grew peppers they did nothing. The last three years the only thing I have done different is planted them in a rich compost and mulched them with newspaper and straw. I did learn to water all my plants at the bottom and do not get their leaves wet. But even with the rain we have had, they seem to be happy. Regular bell peppers and regular jalapeno's do not grow well for me. The jalapeno that I grow now is called Mammoth and then those gypsy peppers. I did buy a 4 pack of regular jalapenos and still have not picked any of them, but the mammoths have been picked several times already. The regular jalapenos are the pics above of the babies. We'll see how they do. They are bad for blossom drop and not setting.

  4. Your garden looks great! I planted 3 grape tomato plants this year and we have picked baskets full of them already!! The hardest part is getting the baskets in the house before my son eats them all! He loves tomatoes. I have lots of big green tomatoes too. Hopefully they will turn red soon. I also have some cucumbers, jalapenos & green bell peppers that are almost ready to be picked.