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Happy 4th of July

Yeah! The only money spent was $56 on our fireworks.

The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love sitting and watching big firework displays. And if you have the one you love with you, it makes it even better. There is something magical and romantic about the 4th for me.

I didn't get to see any big fireworks display this year. But I enjoyed helping and watching my son shoot his off.

Spending on household was $0.
Entertainment $56 (fireworks)

Monthly totals:
OOP: $83.99
Coupons: $30

Things I did today to save money:

Lunch and dinner was left overs. No heating up the kitchen!
Entertainment was at home... fireworks, but they were bought this evening when they were on 50% discount, but that discount wasnt deep enough for me, so I haggled with them some more and got approximately another 10% off. I paid $56 for $130 worth of fireworks.

So, how was your 4th? Everyone ok and safe? Did anyone have any new desserts?

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  1. Vince and I spent the weekend with his parents on their farm. We went to a fair Saturday night and saw fireworks and then got to see more last night. I love the big firework shows!!!

  2. Shelly I'm glad you were able to partake in some 4th festivities. It's been a long time since I went to a 4th fair, they don't have them around here much any more.