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Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking has been good to me this week.

2 GoodLife Cat Food
2 Beneful Dog Food FREE
2 HBO Chocolate Cereal FREE
6 Totino Pizza Rolls
2 FF Chicken Nuggets
5 3M Toilet Scrubbing Kits FREE

Total worth of products $40.80
Total OOP $7.30


  1. Did you get the chicken for free again? :)

  2. annie no my wally didnt get the $1 bags in again, so I got the $2 bags and paid $1 oop for them.

  3. Great job.
    Still, $1 for a bag of chicken is a good deal. My kids really like those but my Walmart has stopped selling them, and I can't find them anywhere else!

  4. Lisa,

    Can I ask where you got the dog food Free?

  5. ohhh good job!!!! I haven't heard the expression Cherry picker in for ever... and I heard it TWICE this weekend.. LOL LOL

  6. precious I called the manufacturer and requested coupons. They sent me two try it free coupons. I need to figure out how to get some more! :)