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Stamp Out Hunger Reminder

I find it sad and it angers me, that while babies in our own homeland go hungry, our government gets all up in arms because a foreign country will not accept our help during a catastrophe. They are willing to FORCE help on these people in Myanmar, is anyone FORCING help to these babies and children here in the United States?

Just this morning this article posted over the internet:
"The Orange County Food Bank has run out of infant formula for about 500 poor babies, and is no longer receiving shipments from the federal government, the food bank's director said Thursday.

Shipments are expected to resume in about a month, according to food bank director Mark Lowry. In the meantime, the bank has been unable to provide formula to the infants. The food bank typically relies on formula from the United States Department of Agriculture." Read full article here

Please remember the food drive tomorow. I have two free cans of Enfamil that I will be putting in my bag as well as other non perishables. You can also take your bags to your main post office tomorow.


  1. I found a link that gets you Taste of Home and Taste of Home healthy cooking came in the mail. That's what I got for free. Not sure what the link was. Sorry I'll let you know if I find it.

  2. I plan to do this. I just hope our poor mail carrier, who has a walking route, plans accordingly. She may have a lot more than usual to carry.

  3. Great Wordless post! Perfect thing to do with all the extra freebies we get!!
    Lisa, how can i read your other blog?
    Frugal Carol

  4. aj Ok, dont waste a lot of time on it, I was just wondering. :)

    Annie I'm so po'd at my mail carrier right now I will probably just take it to the post office. She is too lazy to bring a box that wouldnt fit into my mailbox up and put on my front porch and we've been going around. The box stayed in her vehicle since the first of February! She finally took it back to the post office and put a pink slip in my box so I had to drive back to the post office to pick up. I'm afraid if I put out anything she would either keep it or let it sit in her vehicle forever! :(

    FF Carol That other blog is locked cause I dont know how to unlock it myself. I set it up and somehow locked it, it wont let me in, and there's nothing posted there. It's a blogspot glitch I suppose or I set the password up wrong.

  5. I was happy that I was able to donate canned goods for the first time ever this year. I just opened the pantry and took out some extras of things I know I won't be needing for awhile. It felt good. My lessons from the GC have paid off in many ways.

  6. I agree with you completely! My girls had a fabulous time gathering items from our pantry for the food drive last week. They always have such a great time learning ways to give to those less fortunate.