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The Hits Keep Coming

So I had to go rent a carpet water extractor. Cost me $25 and an aching back.

I also recvd a speeding ticket on my lunch hour I forgot to mention. There's $80! Good grief, can anything else happen?

By this point, my hubby is thoroughly pissed about everything and the last couple of days.

My female poodle is not feeling right, I think she has a ear infection. Lets pray there is no trip needed to the vet.

While I was sucking up water from the carpet I heard some kind of buzzing noise, after investigating I find that it's my son's computer. Something has screwed up with his keyboard and there's a black screen with a error message "Keyboard has failed". I have a couple extra keyboards and hope one of them are the same type of hook up. But if not, no big deal, they arent that expensive.

I just have to find us the best deal on a water heater, and move on.


  1. I know when the water heater at my parents house died, my dad saved a bundle by installing it himself. It was quite a big project, but if you're inclined at all, maybe that'd help take some of the sting out of having to lay out more money!

  2. Lisa, so sorry to hear you've had a bad couple of days. Like good things, bad things also come in threes. With the passing of your Aunt, DS's finger and the water heater, I totally feel for you. Things will look up, though. I'm praying for you.

  3. Oh my! Things have to start looking up now. Doesn't sound like they could get much worse. Here's to a good, long, stress-free weekend. You deserve one!

  4. kim It's now 10:53pm, we just finished installing the hot water heater. My husband and I have installed 3 now in the 17 years we've been married.

    amiyrah I am praying the "comes in three's" is done for a while. Thank you for your prayers. I really need them.

    annie I am SOOOOOOOOOOO hoping this three day weekend is relaxing, no stress, no unexpected disasters! I deserve one, but my hubby deserves one even more.

  5. My husband was in a terrible slump like this once. At the end of a rough week, similar to yours, we were driving somewhere in a snow storm. We saw a car slide off the road and into the front yard of a house. What looked like a young boy trying to dig himself out alone, turned out to be a chinese food delivery man. No one in the neighborhood would come out and help the poor man. My husband helped him and got him on his way. BAM... end of bad luck for us!
    About a month ago, a close friend of mine was going through something similar, I said you know what happened for my DH to get out of that slump. Suddenly they saw a woman in parking lot that locked her keys in her car and helped. BAM.. end of bad luck!
    Give it a try!!
    Frugal Carol

  6. Frugal Carol that's great advice. Good Karma. Hope an opportunity comes along and QUICK.

  7. How is the dog? Any better?

    You deserve a GREAT weekend. Cookout and relax!

  8. Oh girly.. I hope you have a GREAT weekend.. you deserve it!!!!

  9. Good luck- sorry about the ticket! Depending on the court system, you may be able to get it reduced/not reported to insurance if you actually go to court. Also check out defensive driving- you or the hubby may be able to take it and get a discount on your insurance?