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  1. I posted a picture of the one I got last week on my blog. Its small enough that its perfect for our trips to church and parents' house every sunday. Pretty nice cup for something thats free lol.

  2. amiyrah my grandson is gonna love this cup. Cant wait til it comes so I can give it to him.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    My boss is out today, and my boss is just going to roll her eyes at how stupid the lady is acting. The lady is below me and she hates that I'm younger than her kids even( I'm 23 today) her kids are in their late 30s, so she's in her early 60s. I go out of my way to be nice to her the ruder she is because that's how I was raised-treat everyone the way you want to be treated no matter what their station in life. My dad worked his way up from the bottom-construction laborer to VP of a construction company so I was raised with always take care of those beneath you because my Dad used to be one of those guys. I think it's this attitude that has actually helped me get to where I am so quickly-and why he is one of the most desired to work for bosses at that company. Since we live in the midwest and it can get bitter cold out-He won't let his guys go out if it's too cold, he orders hot coffee for them, warm lunches if it is below 20degrees out, and I'll admit in the summers when I was a kid I'd make cookies and take lemonade and hand out. Sorry this is somewhat of a rant/tangent, but I think the midwest/ southern values they instilled in me with how to treat people has helped me more than I could ever hope for in life so far.

    Thank you for the birthday hugs. You are such a sweet friend, and I'm so glad we met on the GC. The GC feels like family...sometimes a disfunctional one....but what family isn't a little odd. :) I love it.