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I've seen the commercial for ShamWow several times and every time I see it I say to myself "I need those!"

I did some research here on the internet and have found mixed reviews about them.
Have you tried them? If so, what did you think about them and where did you purchase them. I dont like to pay alot for shipping.

Has anyone received one to try before you buy?


  1. I've been wondering the same thing. My guess is that they will work pretty well, but not quite as well as the commercial shows. LOL! Keep us posted if you get a chance to try one.

  2. I bought 3 while vacationing in Las Vegas in February. The funny thing I later realized, it doesn't say 'Shamwow', however, it does have the 'Made in Germany' & '100%Viskose' and I got an instruction paper with it--(similar to what I saw on the television)--
    Should add, they were in rolled bundle of more than 3 but I told the guy I only wanted to try them out, so he removed 3 to sell to me.

    I have used them to drain dishes on. However, they mildewed, and when I washed them in the laundry, the mildew was still there and the consistency of the fabric has changed. They now have fuzz on them and doesn't look so 'hot'.

    Not sure if this review helps. But that's been my experience.

  3. annie I've been doing some reading on them, and the odds are starting to stack against them. The thing that gets me is that they (shamwow brand) has a 10yr warranty. The thing that sticks in my head is "Who cares, are you going to be able to get a hold of them in a year, two or three if they dont last/perform?" I've seen a few comments around that states, no you cant get a hold of them, the customer service sucks, and people were billed double on shipping which was expensive. So I'm thinking I'm glad I checked them out. I will review one myself if he wants to send me one to try, but I'm not ready to buy yet.

    anony Thanks for the info. Yes it does help.

  4. I just oredered some online about 5 min agi, Guess I'll find out how well they work! I gotta admit though, that Shamwow! guy really knows how to sell! ;) Ive wanted them the minute I saw the comercial the first time