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What I Seen On My Morning Walk

I was able to find some ear drops for my Suzi at (of all places) Dollar General. Wally World and our Farm Supply store didnt have any.

She seems to be feeling more like her old self again, jumping up on her favorite perch in the living room. After putting her ear drops in I took her and Teddy out for our morning walk. Here's what we saw.

WARNING: If pictures of dead wildlife bothers you, proceed with caution. There is no blood, just deader than a doornail.

After putting her ear drops in, Suzi was ready for her morning walk with Teddy. We went out the back door, down the steps and this is what our Mamma Cat, Pam, left for us at the bottom of the stairs. Of course Teddy turned his nose up to it and Suzi was ready to grab it up. Ahhh, the joys of living in the country.

I hate rats! This one was just a juvenile. But I'm glad it's dead! Our next stop was our koi pond by the back deck.

Mr Frog was out sunning himself. He normally jumps into the pond immediately when he hears the back door open. He has gotten used to us apparently, because he sat there while the pups pottied and I got real close to take this pic. Here's a full view of the pond. Excuse the tub, I was having to change parts out for the new pump we had to buy. By the tub you can see Mamma Pam wanting to make sure I seen her latest kill. Now that we have the leak fixed around the waterfall part I will be able to plant some plants around the bio-filter (the black tub at the top).

The fish were begging for their morning feeding. Photographing fish is hard! I can't get them to sit still. lol

Here's my favorite koi in the back pond. Mr Big.

On out to the tool shed and I see I have another iris blooming. It's light blue and big.

On around to the front of the house to check on the koi pond there.

Can you find the baby cat we call Sissy in this pic?

She was up and getting her morning drink. They love drinking out of the bio filter on this pond.

Things have been looking up around here again. We have had to tear up the carpet and padding in the basement and worked on that some yesterday and today. My house smells like a cattery. Apparently the woman who lived here before us and left us with the 9 cats just let them pee where ever downstairs. Once it got wet...... shooooo eeeeeee!

I wont battle that. The carpet is gone!

Hope you are having a relaxing and safe weekend. We are relaxing more than we are working so it's all good again.

Boy wonder wants breakfast burritos so I'm outta here to go fix my baby boy breakfast.


  1. Your garden looks lovely! I'm glad things seem to be turning around now =) And what is it about wet carpet that brings out such horrible smells?? Blegh, I don't blame you for ripping it all out!

  2. Love your pond and garden! It's so nice and peacefull. Wish i could get one of my own (but without rats of course). What types of Iris is that? it's gorgeous!

  3. kim Thanks for stopping by! Thank You. We've got 99% of it out of the house now and the smell is gone. The two days of smelling that gave me a headache! Plus the thought of mold wasnt setting too well with me. The carpet extractor just couldnt get it dry enough.

    Jenny I'm not sure what the name of the iris is. :( I recvd a bunch in a Daves Garden trade that were not marked. I had thought they were all yellow and just threw three clumps on top of the ground out by the tool shed. I had spent 4 days planting iris' and was tired. Low and behold one clump was this blue and the other two was a pretty light purple. Now I will dig them back up this fall and move them to the front of the house. The fields, septic ponds everyone around here has and chicken coops attracts an occasional rat. The moles are terrible though! Yesterday evening one of the cats left a mole head and the stomach by our patio door! I didnt figure any of you would much appreciate seeing blood and guts! lol I would rather live without rats, but as long as they stay out of my house, I've called a truce.