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What's Blooming In Your Gardens?

I'm so excited! Three years ago when we moved here some gardening buddies from Dave's Garden sent me iris'. I had just told my husband last week that they were overtaking a couple of my gardens, hadnt bloomed and I was going to dig them up.

Well look who started to show their pretty faces!

I wish I knew their names. There are a couple sites that might help identify them.

I can also post them over at Dave's Garden and someone might recognize them.

Gardening, whether it be vegetable or flower, is hard work. I sometimes get overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done.

But these payoffs are worth it!

Do you have anything blooming in your garden? I would love to see them. I'm also big on daylilies! When they start blooming I will post some pics of them.


  1. Your irises are lovely! Sad to say, there wasn't much here when we moved in a couple of years ago, and we've done nothing to improve the situation. We did have a couple of rose bushes, in what we considered an inconvenient location, so we got rid of those (we neither one care for roses). Other than two crabapples and a redbud tree, we have nothing that blooms or blossoms. Yet.

  2. Lisa,
    Those are beautiful flowers!!! I'm going through GC withdraw I might have to create a new SN to be able to post we'll see. I have tomato plants and pepper plants...but they are still very small. My aloe plant is thriving though! :)

  3. Lisa,

    The irises are beautiful! I have few pics of my flowers that I will have to put on my blog sometime.

  4. annie let me know when you are ready to plant something else! ;)

    aj Aloe is something I cant grow.:(

    shelly Post those pics! I love to look at flower garden pics!

  5. Those irises are gorgeous! You must have a green thumb!

  6. I just sent you an email. :)

  7. Beautiful! I have three Iris plants and none are blooming yet. I have some Ajuga and Jacob's Ladder blooming right now, and my columbine is about to pop! Everything is late this year because we had a cold spring in MN. When I got up this morning it was only 41 degrees.