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Happy Mother's Day

Back in January I had decided to make sure to get some good deals at CVS on a variety of things so I could make gift baskets throughout the year for Mother's Day, Father's Day (I'm not doing too good here) and Birthdays.

All week I kept telling myself, you need to get your gift basket togther for Mom. Then I would stop myself, thinking "Will she really like it? Will she really enjoy anything I have gotten" and then would stop myself. Friday I decided I would buy her some flowers she was wanting to go in the pots that sit out by her front door.

I didnt get them bought and thought when we drive by the greenhouse on the way to her house I would stop.

When I woke up this morning I changed my mind once again and told myself that I was going to go ahead and make up a basket for her like I had told myself I was going to do for all gifts this year.

I still was real apprehensive about doing this. I hadnt picked up a basket at the Dollar Tree and was kicking myself.

Finally at the last minute, angry with myself for procrastinating, being so undecided as to what I was going to do, I went hunting in my sewing/craft room for something I could use to put the "goods" in.

I found a little wicker basket that I had scored on one of my dumpster diving expeditions that I had forgot about. This lifted my spirits and I headed off to my "mini store" to shop.

Here's how it turned out:

My mom was so excited about the basket when she seen it. She LOVED it. My baby sis came in and got all jealous over it, lol, little does she know there is one just like it (except for the basket) waiting for her birthday!

And the great thing about it is, with my hounding and using coupons along with the sales at CVS it didnt cost me hardly any money out of pocket.

There was a bottle of Linen Spray, a bottle of Spa Radiance body wash, a Ponds Facial kit, a Venus razor, Chapstick Touch of Tone, a Revlon lipstick, a shower scrunchy, Beauty of Essence Hand cream, a bottle of Aussie shampoo and a stick of Lady Speedstick deo. I stuck a curly bow on it that I had saved off a birthday present of mine that matched her card. It turned out to be way better than I originally thought.


  1. Nice job! The basket turned out well. I am a real expert when it comes to procrastinating. My procrastination and/or laziness sometimes causes me to spend money that I don't have right now.

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  3. "My procrastination and/or laziness sometimes causes me to spend money that I don't have right now"

    Katie, I've been there and done that. That is one of my goals this year is to quit procrastinating and save money! We can do it!!

  4. That looks great!! As I always say to myself....give as you would like to receive. I would of loved to recieve that basket for Mother's Day...Great Job!!!

  5. Saw your profile on Organized Life by Design.

    Your basket turned out lovely especially since it was something from your heart. I have a gift basket business which started out just by making baskets for family and friends.

    Keep it up it may be something you like to do part time.

  6. I would be beyond excited to receive that basket - and I have most of those items from my CVSing!

    I love being able to find gifts in my stockpiles. :)