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In Memory of Cara Roberts

Tonight we attended Cara's family visitation. I've known Cara since she was a little girl, having worked for her mother, been business associated with her father, and my hubby is a friend of her husband. She was a fun loving, vibrant young mother who was liked by everyone. I just cant believe her life was cut so short. She was only 30 years old.

The police are working hard to solve the case and are asking for any tips, no matter how insignificant they may seem. I hope they are able to solve who did this and soon. Cara needs justice.

The police are asking for an anonymous tipster to call them back. If you have any information on the murder, call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS


  1. so sorry....sometimes life makes no sense......

  2. Sorry to hear this. Such senseless violence.

  3. huntfish & precious thank you guys. I could deal with her death if it was anything but murder. My hometown is a small community and things like this do not happen. I just cant believe noone seen or heard anything.

    Hopefully there will be justice soon.

  4. Lisa
    I knew Cara as well. My husband and Jeff were/are golf partners. It' tragic. I'm sure all of us have been wondering what sort of monster would take her away from Carter, Jeff..her family and friends. We didn't attend the wake or funeral....we just couldn't do it. Cara is in our prayers...and until her murderer is brought to justice our world will not be the same.