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Free Printable Letters From Santa

Every year my boys looked forward to their letters from Santa. I also always arranged for them to receive phone calls from an uncle of mine that they did not see or talk to very often. I have so many memories of the look on their faces when they would be listening to him intently, clinging to every word he said, and then he would say something that they would wonder "How'd he know that?" I hold those memories close to my heart now that they are both at the age they both know their daddy and I's secret.

Santa printables has 16 printable letters from Santa Claus ready to instantly download and print. There is a letter for Baby's First Christmas, to a child with no chimney, an older child who might not believe, and even a joking one to that special grownup in your life! These are a great gift idea for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and more.

Make some FREE memories this year and get that printer to printing!

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