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Friday Freebies

With all the free fem products really cheap at CVS and free from Wal-Mart, it leaves me more money for other things! Here's what Wal-Mart is sending out this week:
Always Infinity
Stayfree & Carefree
Playtex Sport

Still working on those stocking stuffers! Here's some to fill your furbabies stockings!

How about a coupon for a FREE bag of Nutro Natural Choice Dog or Cat Food? You will receive an email asking you to confirm your request.

Free sample of Doggy Delightz dog treats Hurry, their offer is never up long!

Free samples from Healthy Animal Diet. You can get cat or dog or a combo of both. They will send 1/4 cup of the Life’s Abundance Pet Food of your choice (1/4 cup of each if you choose the combo), One healthy treat, and One pet supplement. Please check your e-mail for a confirmation message and click the link in the message.

And of course it wouldnt be Friday Freebies around here if we didnt have a re-usable shopping bag or tote to offer! hehe Just call me the bag lady... everyone at work does.

Free Cool looking Water bottle or you can choose a Tote Bag! The stainless steel water bottles are 33 ounces and eco-friendly, while the recycled tote bags are made with Organic Cotton!

Here's a sample I will put in my sis' tea themed gift basket I'm making.

NutraSweet 9pk. There's regular, saccharine free, and one with cane sugar.
Be sure to select at the bottom right where it says "I would participate in NutraSweet's online "Product Advisors" group."

And I think I will drop this in my oldest son's stocking. He's always needing a knife to open movies, cd's and playstation games.

Do you know safecutters? Take a short survey (and I mean short!) and they will send you a free klever kutter knife!

Christmas is closing in! Black Friday is coming up, are you getting geared up? I'm going to be taking stock of exactly what I have for my gift baskets and what I still need. Have you run across any other great freebies? Leave me a comment letting me know anything interesting.


  1. Thanks so much for posting the freebies!

  2. did you change something on your blog? all week long i couldn't get in and now it took less than 1 min to load page. and thank you for the freebies link!

  3. precious I hope you are finding something useful to request!

    jenny blogger help kept telling me there was nothing wrong, that it was loading within 20 seconds for them. I knew there was something wrong, so I found a site that analyzed it, and figured it out. I deleted some code and it seems to be better for almost everyone now. Let me know if you have anymore problems with it.