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Kool-Aid Jelly

Today I made two batches of Kool-Aid jelly. One batch of grape and one batch of strawberry. I used two different recipes because I had two different kinds of pectin. I had both liquid pectin and a box of the powder. The liquid pectin recipe made 7 half pints and the powder pectin made five half pints.

It looks really pretty, but I have my doubts whether it will set up properly or not. I'll report back on that tommorow.

I also wanted to start making Christmas cookie dough to freeze until closer to the holidays, but by the time I got everything together to make the jelly, realized I had every size of canning jars BUT jelly jars and had to make a run to buy some, got my oil changed in my car, returned my mother's shampooer, it is now time to prepare supper.

I hate when I have my day all planned out and I dont get everything accomplished! Now I feel uneasy and like I am behind schedule. I feel like I'm always behind and there's never enough hours in the day!

update: The strawberry jelly set up. Pretty soft set, but the directions say to decrease water by 2 tablespoons for a firmer set. The grape jelly that used the recipe with liquid pectin is still syrup. I had read that the new rule was to process in water bath for 10 minutes. The grape I processed 10 minutes, but the strawberry I only processed 5. I just pulled the directions out for the liquid pectin and they still state to process 5 minutes. I'm assuming this is why it did not set up. I will try it again with liquid pectin, processing only 5 minutes and see what happens.


  1. now that looks yummy.....like a giant kool-aid shooter.....ok sorry, it looks like it would be good on toast...where can I find the recipe?

  2. I've never made Kool-Aid jelly, but I once made a batch of zucchini-lime jelly that took 2-3 days to set up. Once it did, though, it was just fine.

  3. huntfish We may have to use them as kool-aid shooters if they dont set up! lol I also linked the recipes for ya.

    annie hubby seems to think they are setting up. I hope so, I want to try them tomorow on toast so I will know if they taste any good or not. I have my fingers crossed, if it works out I have tons of that free kool-aid from the August sales!

  4. So did it set up? I would love to try this; I have so much Kool Aid!
    Thank you for the recipes.

    BTW, you got tons of things done yesterday! It was a great day!

  5. No, at this time of year there aren't enough hours in the day! Pour a glass of wine, put your feet up and enjoy!

  6. precious the strawberry did set. I updated my post for you guys.

    karen I was thinking more along the lines of a home-made cappucino spiked with kahlua! :)

  7. Thanks for updating. I would be using that grape syrup on pancakes and waffles. Or freeze it for popsicles.

  8. precious Oh I'm not done with that grape stuff yet! Hopefully I will find time this weekend to boil it again adding 20% powdered pectin and see if it will make it set up. I need to get me some more lids. THEN, if it doesnt we'll be having some grape popsicles or such. ;)