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The Top Three Lists of Printable Coupons

The best place to print online coupons is GrocerySmarts.com. In one place you can print off coupons from Coupons.com, Smartsource.com and the Singles list.

Most of you have already heard of Coupons.com (List A) and Smartsource.com (List B), but the Singles list is a great list of manufacturer printable coupons. One stop printing from GrocerySmarts makes it so easy!

Here's what GrocerySmarts has to say about the cycling of the lists of coupons:
Did you know?
-The best printable coupons from Group A are found at the beginning of each month. Manufacturers set an "Allowance" (Nationally) for each printable coupon.

For example: 50,000 prints total. Once they hit the allowance, they yank the coupon. Some coupons are so good that they can hit the allowance in a day or 2! That's why the beginning of each month has more printable coupons than the end of the month. So printing some of the "really good" coupons when you see them at the beginning of the month might not be such a bad idea.

Your personal print limit is almost always 2 per coupon, per month. It "re-sets" at the beginning of the next month. Many of the "Allowance" coupons can re-appear, but some will be gone forever.

Also, if a "1.00 off 1" coupon appears in Group A, and you see an Identical coupon on pillsbury.com: It's the same coupon and your print limit is 2 total, not 2 from each site. The print software you installed tracks that for them!

However, if the Group A coupon is "1.00 off 1" and the pillsbury.com coupon is ".75 off 1": It's 2 different coupons and you'll be able to print 2 of each.


  1. Thanks Lisa. This is great info!

  2. Are you considered "in my area"? If so, do you have the passport for that site?

  3. precious I was wondering if I was the only one who didnt know this already. lol sometimes I'm slow to catch on to all the "rules"

    sarah I'm not sure what your "area" is but you do not need a passport to print the coupons. You can get a passport by joining for free here: http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/ I've not received my passport yet.

  4. I miss not being able to print anything :( But I did use up Near East that you sent me and got couple of freebies :)

  5. Lisa B.

    I did not know about grocerysmarts!