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Reminder: Daylight Savings Ends

If your state observes daylight savings time, it's time to set your clocks back. I wish Missouri was one of the states that DID NOT practice daylight saving time changes.


  1. Except for a couple of days after the changes, I really don't mind. I figure in the winter, if it's cold, it might as well be dark early. And vice versa.

    I wanted to mention that I'm having trouble viewing your blog in Internet Explorer. It has locked up my computer three times in the last two days. But seems to work fine using Firefox as the browser. I don't know if the problem is with your blog or my computer, but I thought I'd make you aware of it.

  2. annie I had a couple other people test my blog and they arent having any problems. Maybe you need to clear your cache?? Keep me posted if you figure it out. You know I always want to know if it's something on my end. I'll do some more investigating too.

    ps... the centsible sawyers' blog has been locking my computer up for the last three days too. I've not tried it in firefox though.

  3. Here in AZ, we never change our clocks. DH was having a stroke this morning when he had to wait a couple more hours than usual for football to come on because of the change in EST time.-)

    As far as yoru blog, I love everything. The recipes, the deals, the freebies, all of it!

  4. Lisa,

    Here in IN, my county only started changing our clocks a few years ago.....I have mixed feelings about it. Kentucky which is just a couple miles away changes their clocks so it helps now that we change ours. When I worked in KY and we didn't change, sometimes the PO and bank would be closed by the time I got home. My biggest hate about the time change is that it's dark at 5:00 and by 8:00 I feel like it's midnight already!