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Barter A Paper Clip For A SUV, is it possible?

Barter is the process of trading products, goods or services, for other products, goods or services in which no money is exchanged.

So do you think it's possible to barter a Golden Paperclip from Donald Trump for a 5 passenger SUV?

Jason is well on his way to accomplishing this. He has traded up to a canoe, mini bike, go kart... See how he has done so far. A "Monster Trade" goes down today at 12pm central standard time. What will be Golden Paperclip Trade #5? The computers are gone, find out what they went for this afternoon.

Jason's Golden Paperclip


  1. didn't someone already do this and get a house in the end?

  2. melissa I havent see/heard of it if they did. This guy was featured on our local news since he's from Kansas City area. If you find something on the house let me know. I would be interested in reading it.

  3. Melissa, I remeber reading about a house too but can't remeber where.

    Thanks Lisa for sharing this. I hope Jason gets his SUV!

  4. Lisa,

    I found an article about it:


  5. precious thanks for the link to the story on the house! I have always had an interest in bartering, but these two men take it so much further! Two really great stories. Hmmmmmm, wonder if I can barter a 4 wheeler for my son?

  6. Trade #5 was two computers for one year's rent. It is in today's Kansas City Star. www.kansascity.com/news/neighborhood/olathe/story/911516.html Thank you so much for the publicity, I like your blog!