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Let's talk about Rebates...

How can merchants offer items for free after rebates and not loose their butts?

Because many people will buy the product with the intention of sending in the rebate, but then don't.

Always remember to follow the directions carefully and send in the rebate form on time, so you get your rebate. Let other people who forget to send in the forms cover the merchant's costs, while you get all your stuff for free after rebate!

Free After Rebate Tips:
1. Follow the directions exactly and send in the rebate on time. If you don't bother to send in the rebate, then in the end it wasn't a good deal.
2. Make photocopies of UPCs and rebate forms. That way you have a record in case you have any problems.
3. Keep a calendar marked when a rebate is due. Follow up with the rebate service if you do not receive the rebate in the expected time frame.
4. Keep them organized in case there is a problem so you wont waste your valuable time looking for information.

Living Easy will be adding rebates on a continuous basis. Let me know if you find out about a rebate that needs to be added here for us. Let me know where the form was or can be found.

Also if there is a rebate that you would like to do but dont have a form, let me know. I will do my best to find it and get you one sent off in the mail.


  1. This is sooo true! I bought an off brand mp3 player one time ONLY because I could afford it WITH the rebate. Guess what? I lost the receipt! I'll never forget that lesson!

    I'm so glad I found this blog, I saw your comment on $5 dinners and checked out your profile. I have been thinking about trying to do coupons and sales and such, but am afraid it will take more time than I have...I'm glad I found your blog to at least get me thinking about it more.

  2. sortin'itallout thanks for coming to visit! Depending upon how you organize yourself, clipping a few coupons and filing them to use when the item is on sale can take just a few minutes or a lot of time. There are several I know who it takes just a few minutes. I do spend a lot of time at it. I look at it as a part time job/hobby for me. No I dont get a paycheck, the monetary value is that I dont give my money up to the stores. On the hobby side of it, it's a hobby that pays me instead of costing me. There arent too many hobbies that you can say that about.

    If you need any help/suggestions just let me know. I'll do what I can to help you.

  3. Here's another rebate/money back guarantee: Luv's diapers. The specifics are on the pkg.

    I LOVE rebates!!! Oh yes I do!!
    Thanks for all the info.....you are a sweetie!

  5. Thank you for your listing of rebates. I have some Walgreens register rewards that expire this week and I went this evening and felt kinda aimless. There really aren't many good deals there this week. I will go back tommorrow and get a few items and get my $$$ back with the rebates! :)

    Deborah in Michigan