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Hy-Vee Deal Alert

A friend emailed me this Hy-Vee deal. THANKS!

Buy 10 Pillsbury Cake Mixes .88 each, total $8.80
Use the coupon found in their flyer, minus $5.00
Total after coupon $3.80 for 10 cake mixes! .38 a piece!

Now my question is this, is there any current manufacturer coupons out there? And if so, are you allowed to use them (stack them) with this Hy-Vee coupon to make this deal even sweeter?

Come out of lurking and talk to me.

edited: I took advantage of this deal and was glad I did. The mixes rang up for $1.67 not .88. After the manager came to override the price and gave me a discount for their error the clerk handed me .63! Those cake mixes were a money maker for me today!


  1. I am pretty sure that there were smukcers coupons in our Sunday inserts a while back and check hot coupon worlds datatbase for the others. Yes, you should be able to stack a store coupon with a mfrs. cpn.