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CVS trip

Am I wrong? Do I have a reason to be po'd?

Scenario: CVS run tonite

Cascade 2/$5 Reg $3.49 ea
Cheerios 2/$5 Reg $4.29 ea
1 Folgers coffee $2.22 $4.39 ea
1 Bounty Basic $4.99 $6.49
2 colgate total toothpaste $5.98 bogo
2 colgate total toothpaste FREE

Sub-TOTAL Charged $23.83 (Regular Price of all $38.40)

1 cvs $4/20 coupon ACCEPTED
1 cvs $5/15 coupon ACCEPTED
1 cvs $2/10 coupon ACCEPTED

Tax $ .64
TOTAL $12.83

1 mfg bounty basic .25 DENIED
1 mfg folgers .25 DENIED
1 mfg cheerios $1.00 DENIED
1 mfg cascade $1.00 DENIED
1 mfg intrnet colgate total toothpaste $1.00 DENIED
1 mfg intrnet colgate total toothpaste $1.50 DENIED

Total DENIED coupons $ 5.00


The clerk took me off guard when I handed her the mfg coupons and I asked her to repeat what she had just said, this is word for word what she said,

clerk: "Ok, that's it, I can't take these. It was pushing it when I took these three cvs. I am only suppose to take one coupon."

me: "What? These are manufacturer coupons."

clerk: "I know that, I already took three coupons, we are supposed to only take one and I'm not taking those coupons."

me: "Since when, this store has always took multiple coupons."

clerk: "It's always been that way. I'm only suppose to take one coupon."

I stood there contemplating what to do. Pay her or tell her to give me back my three cvs coupons and keep merchandise. I looked around for the manager and there was noone around 15 minutes before closing.

I paid her and left the store fuming.

I have never heard of a store that would only accept ONE coupon per order. Kind of defeats the purpose hugh. Maybe next time I will just have her ring up all my merchandise one item at a time, one order at a time if I have a coupon for it.

My Projected Grand Total of trip was to be $7.83.


  1. I'm pretty sure I would have 1) asked for the manager, 2) had them give you the coupons back and canceled the entire transaction, and 3) told them I would not be back. I'm not a fan of CVS, anyway.

  2. My hubby also suggested that you write letters to the manufacturers (Bounty, Folgers, etc.) and let them know that CVS isn't honoring their coupons and letters to CVS corporate complaining about their policies.

  3. annie Last night the manager wasnt there. I called today and she still wasnt in. I have her name and hours for tomorow and will be calling. If I get no satisfaction then I will go further by calling corporate and/or writing/calling manufacturers. This was just totally out of line.

  4. I talked with the manager and she was very apologetic. She told me the clerk was wrong for taking my three cvs coupons and refusing the manufacturer coupons. She should have taken only on cvs and ALL the manufacturer ones. She also told me that I could use ALL the ecb's on one order I wanted. They were considered cash not coupons.

    She told me to bring her my receipt and the coupons and she would refund my $5.

    I will continue to shop there and see if the clerks get a little more help on understanding the way cvs coupons, manufacturer coupons and ecb's work.