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Overseas Coupon Program for Our Military

You can send our military overseas your unwanted/expired manufacturer coupons. The best way for everyone is to adopt a base yourself. That way you dont pay postage to send to the volunteer station here in the states, then they have to pay postage to forward on and find the volunteers to do this. The coupons will get to the base quicker also.

The Adoption process is now self-service. Their home page is Overseas Coupon Program

The bases in need the most is Giessen, Yokoham, Yokota, Naples and Vilseck. I have chosen Yokohama Japan, a US Navy Base.

Once there you can click on the link on the left that says Overseas Base List. That will take you to a list of bases that participate.

Click on the Base Location (the base name in the list) to obtain the address where your coupons should be sent (a box will open with the address). At the same time, please email the following information to adoptions@ocpnet.org :
Name (To avoid confusion please check the lists of donors to insure the name you choose is unique)
Mailing Address
Email Address
Phone Number
Any organization you may represent
The name of the base being adopted

BE SURE TO READ the How To Partcipate link on the left. It will inform you on how to sort and package the coupons. The military has guidelines on this just like anything else.


  1. I don't mean to be ignorant, but what do they do with expired coupons?

  2. sniz they are able to use them at their commisaries.

  3. I need to become a Grocery Hound. Thanks for the tips!