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Playing The CVS Game

People wonder how those of us playing the CVS shopping game save money. Typically when you walk into a CVS store to shop you look at the prices and say "This store's prices are high, I can buy generic at another store for cheaper."

BUT does those generic items ever go on sale? Rarely. Do you ever find coupons for those generic items? Rarely. The results of this... Do you ever get to purchase the items for pennies, for free, or even have the store PAY YOU TO TAKE IT OUT THE DOOR? NEVER!

The object of the game is to save on your budget by being able to wait until the deals roll around to where you can use manufacturer coupons on the items that are on sale AND when they offer their Extra Care Bucks on the item, often getting them FREE.

CVS also offers online printable store coupons that can be used WITH manufacturer coupons.

It does take time to plan your shopping trips and to get the best deal, but there are a couple of websites that are just for this. Other people have more time than us to figure them out, then they post them, making it so easy for us, and saves us time. Hot Coupon World is one of those cites.

Stocking up with 6 month's worth of household items when you can get them free is the name of the game.

Are you saying, "I don't see anything we need,"? Everyone can find something they use at CVS. Shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, feminine products (tampons, pads), medicine, make-up, Soap, Body wash, Lotion, Batteries, Hand sanitizer, tissues, mouthwash, Baby wipes, razors and shaving cream, dish detergent?

Do you eat cereal, crackers, chips, bottled water, energy drinks, or flavored water?

If you never paid anything for any of those things, wouldn't it help save money on your grocery budget? In just the last two months of shopping at CVS I have gotten dishsoap for 24 cents a bottle, free batteries and toothpaste, free makeup, free over the counter drugs.

The secret is that you start stocking up on items you need or will need in advance - while you can get them for free or more than free. That way, when you need them, you won't have to add them to your grocery list, you'll just pull from your storage closet or pantry.

Instead of thinking that you shouldn't buy shampoo until you've used up the entire bottle and then buying the generic brand at full price, plan ahead a little bit try to always keep at least a few extra bottles on hand that you've bought either free or for little out of pocket. Think about the savings to be had by a little planning ahead. It adds up very fast, especially since health and beauty items are one of the biggest budget busters!

Visit Hot Coupon World and learn how to play and not pay!


  1. I haven't done this kind of shopping at CVS, but I've done it a couple of times at Walgreen's, where I had coupons for items not only on sale but also part of their mail-in rebate program (not sure if they have that program anymore). I ended up with lots of cheap and several free items, but because of the mail-in part, the savings wasn't immediate like it is at CVS.

    As for shampoo and conditioner, I haven't bought any for about 4 years. One day a grocery store had clearanced all kinds of shampoo and conditioner to 50¢ a bottle. They were all 15 oz. or larger, Suave, TresSeme and Garnier Fructis brands. I bought all they had. I use it as body wash as well as shampoo and still have enough to last at least another 4 years! LOL!

  2. Good Post on explaining the CVS GAME....

    It is so much fun Saving Money!!!!


  3. Good Post on explaining the CVS GAME....

    It is so much fun Saving Money!!!!