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More Printable Coupons-Penny Pincher Gazette

A good website to print coupons from is the Penny Pincher Gazette. To sign up is fairly painless. You enter your name, email address, home address and create a password. Then there will be one full page of "OTHER" offers, but at the bottom click on SKIP.

It will take you to their home page. There click on the COUPON button at top. It will then take you to Coupons Inc Coupons. Here there are about 70 printable coupons. Right under the 5 buttons you will see "select a group" You can then click on Smart Source and it will take you to another place of close to another hundred coupons from Smart Source.

BEWARE... if you select to print ALL coupons it will take about 20 minutes and it will be about 30 pages!

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  1. You all have a wonderful website. Thanks so much for sharing the deals!