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Venison Green Bean Casserole

Dear hubby's parents gave us some deer meat as a Christmas gift. 4 roasts and about 20 packages of hamburger. Hubby is not real fond of anything with a wild taste. (city boy! hehe)

Last night I made an oven casserole "concoction". Well there was not enough left for my lunch today, so I'm going to assume they liked it.

Venison Green Bean Casserole

One pound of deer burger (fried)
one onion fried with burger
2 cans of green beans (undrained)
one can of cream of celery
one package of brown gravy mix
1/2 can of water

All mixed well in pan, topped with frozen french fries, baked for 40 minutes @ 375 until hot and fries were done.

Next time I will use one can of green beans, one can of corn, and one can of mushrooms.


  1. Mmm...venison. Shane hasn't gone hunting for a couple of years, so it's been a while since we had any.

    Your casserole sounds yummy. My favorite way to serve venison is in my Beef Tips recipe.

  2. This looks really good. I'll try it with hamburger!