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Price Chopper Coupon Book

When I was shopping at my Price Chopper today I picked up one of the Price Chopper Coupon book. Over $50 worth of coupons for $1. Cant beat that. The last coupon is a price chopper coupon, save $5 off your $50 or more purchase.

Other coupons in the book are:

Tidy Cat Litter $1
Williams Spicy Wing Seasoning $1 off 3
Totinos Pizza Rolls $1
Wheaties Cereal $1
Kc Masterpiece BBQ Sauce $1 off 2
Kraft Natural Cheese $1 off 3
Oscar Meyer Deli Creation Hot Melt $1
Martha Gooch Products $1 off 2 16oz or larger
Borden Naturals or Singles $1 off 2
Lipton Tea $1 off any
Electrasol $1 off 2 gelpacs
Imperial Margarine Sticks $1 off 2
Arm & Hammer Detergent $1 off any 2
Breyers Ice Cream $1 off 2
Plus many more.


  1. Okay, I really dig your site. I love it! I really like the tips for living green and being thrifty. About the milk tip -- do you just add the same amount of water the recipe recommends with the appropriate amount of dry milk. I don't mean to sound ignorant -- I just have not ever used dry milk...but I am about to!

  2. Christy you mix the milk up according to directions on the package then use in your recipes however the recipe instructs you to. i.e. Hamburger helper calls for 1 1/4 cups of milk, use 1 1/4 cup of your mixed up dry milk.