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Faux Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix

We use a lot of Ranch Dressing around my house. My 10yr old son eats it on everything. It gets expensive to buy prepared. I'm going to try this mix and see if he likes it as well.

Have any of you tried a recipe like this? If so, did your family like it?

Faux Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix

2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons garlic powder
3 Tablespoons onion flakes
2 teaspoons pepper
2 teaspoons sugar
2 and 1/2 teaspoons paprika
2 and 1/2 teaspoons parsley flakes

Mix and store in a small Ziplock bag.

For recipes calling for a packet of Ranch Dressing: Two Tablespoons = one seasoning packet

To make dressing, combine 1 tablespoon mix with 1 cup mayonnaise and 1 cup buttermilk. Blend well. Best if refrigerated for at least an hour before serving.

To make dip, combine 1 tablespoon mix with 1 cup sour cream. Blend well. Refrigerate 1 hour before serving with vegetables.


  1. Let me know how you like it. I haven't yet found a homemade ranch recipe that's even close to store-bought. Have you tried Hy-Vee brand Ranch Dressing? We like it a lot and it's often on sale.

  2. My six year old DS loves ranch dressing too! Let me know how you like this. We buy the large store brand bottles for $1.00 right now and thay are actually pretty darn tastey! Ranch dressing for dipping makes him want to eat veggies! Yeah for ranch dressing!

  3. Weaned son off the Ranch ;-)1/31/08, 4:18 PM

    Annie, I think you'll be hard pressed to find something close to the store-bought one unless you want to include the MSG. My husband says it (store-bought) tastes good because of the MSG--and I think he's right because all the non-MSG ones are really lacking in flavor--which is exactly why I hate buying it. My son, who will be 6 tomorrow, loves the Hidden Valley kind but has gradually learned to appreciate Italian dressings, so I've finally weaned him off it. However, when we go out, we let him indulge as a treat. ;-)