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My CVS Deals for the week

Yahoo for CVS! Had the old bat cashier today. I call her old bat cause she never smiles, very dry humor, but otherwise I've known her for years and she goes by the book while at work and never gives me trouble about my deals.
1st Order
2 Fructis shampoo $10 minus 2 mfg coupons -$2= $8 plus earned $5 ecb
2 twizzlers $3.54 plus earned $1 ecb
7 soyjoy bars $7 minus 7 mfg coupons -$7= $0 plus earned $4 ecb
1 fructis hair gel $3.99 minus 1 mfg coupon $1=$2.99
1 stride gum $1.19
1 Tampax pearl $7.49 (where the hec did my coupon go????)
There was no Cottonelle to be found. I asked my favorite checker and she said they were sold out.
CVS coupon $4 off $20 order printed off internet
Total oop $20.90
Total ECB earned $10

Now here's the order that ROCKS!
I walked over to the clearance end cap and what did I find? More of my FAVORITE shampoos clearanced and I have COUPONS for them!
1 Aussie Shine shampoo $2.00
1 Aussie Smooth shampoo $2.00 mfg coupon $2 off 2 bottles
1 Infusion 23 Frizz control Shampoo $3.50 mfg coupon $3 off
1 Colgate double pack toothpaste $5.49 mfg coupon $1.00 off earned $2 ecb
2 Rain gum $2.98
1 Trim Nail Clipper .99
1 CVS coupon printed off internet $2 off $10 order
$7.98 ECB
total OOP $1.38

I now have enough shampoo and toothpaste to last 6 months! Still lacking on the toilet paper department, but I'll get caught up. There are several boxes of kleenex, probably two months worth. And I have all of you to thank for showing me how to work the sales, with a coupon and then add a cvs coupon. I was so happy I was doing the grocery hound dog dance!

My Pantry is filling up fast with toiletries and food. I have enough dishsoap and dishwasher soap to last approximately 6 months.

I'm good for probably 3 months on peanut butter and a couple of months on Ragu and pasta. My freezer has quite a bit in it and we are no longer living paycheck to paycheck on groceries. The only thing I still run out of is perishables such as bread and milk. Need to get those today. It is a good feeling to go to the pantry and it's not empty.


  1. Where's the photo of the bounty... I always like seeing a pic of your deals.

  2. lol. I'll take one later today and post for you!

  3. I agree...its great to look in the pantry and not be able to see the back of it! Everyday, I just take a peak of it and smile!

  4. Wow, I read this and all I can say is wow. I really, really want to do something like this but am so intimidated by the time I perceive it taking to get started and then maintain. You are an inspiration.

  5. well we will have to forget about the photo on this one. Cant get my camera and lapatop to communicate. sorry guys.

    amiyrah I love the pantry not being empty. It makes me feel secure in a way.

    sniz it doesnt take that long to look at the cvs weekly flyer, clip a few coupons and go pick up what you need. Dont be intimidated. Want more inspiration go here: http://moneycentral.msn.com/community/message/thread.asp?board=womeninred&threadid=179799&boardname=Hide&header=SearchOnly&footer=Show&linktarget=_parent&pagestyle=money1

  6. I really really love CVS. I've saved so much money there it's insane.