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Meat- Determining which cut is a better buy

I've learned today that you cannot buy meat based on the price per pound. Different cuts of meats yield more servings per pound than others.

A smart shopper will use cost per serving rather than price per pound in making meat selection decisions. Price per pound can be misleading because all cuts will not yield the same number of servings per pound.

Although some boneless cuts may cost more on a per pound basis, they may be more economical due to less waste. The amount of bone and waste fat determines the number of servings of cooked meat a cut will yield.

Don't you agree the cost of the EDIBLE portion is really the MOST important factor in choosing what to buy from the consumer's standpoint? The VENDOR is on the other side of the coin. Knowing the majority of people buy based on price per pound not cost per serving is how they make money.

So how do you know which cut of meat is the better buy this week?

Use these wonderful charts...


And keep your hard earned money!

I want to give a big thanks to Annie of Real Life Living for finding this web site and information that will prove to be a BIG saver.


  1. HELP.... me figure out which is a better deal-- Charmin 30 big rolls for $13 OR Norther 6 double rolls for $3.97.

    Use the sqft to figure out- Eg.
    Quilted 6Double rolls has 264 sqft--> 3.97/264 =0.015037/sqft

    Find out the total square footage for the 30roll Charmin and 13/(totalsqft)

  2. Thanks for the link and for explaining this much better than I did in my post! :)